Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! Stuff Donald Trump is Afraid Of… According to Twitter

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What is President Donald Trump afraid of? If the media were to ask top officials at the White House, they would probably respond that he’s afraid of absolutely nothing. But Twitter thinks differently…
The hashtag #stufftrumpisafraidof is trending and people aren’t holding back. As you could imagine, the responses are funny, to the point and candid. Some of the popular responses include Putin, strong women, former President Obama, the voting process and much more.
So what are the things that Donald Trump is afraid of? Twitter users have the answers.
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Many people believe that President Trump is afraid of the freedom of religion and speech.

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Alec Baldwin

Many people believe that President Trump is afraid of Alec Baldwin. The veteran actor has portrayed Trump in numerous skits on Saturday Night Live. And the President is not amused. In fact, he thinks the long-running comedy show should be cancelled because it’s not funny.

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Russian President Putin

Many people have wondered why Trump has never said anything negative about Russian President Vladimir Putin. These same people want him to stand up to Putin like former President Obama.

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Strong Women

Many people believe that Trump is afraid of strong women who are willing to speak their minds. These women include Hillary Clinton, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former First Lady Michelle Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.

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Not Being as Cool as His Predecessor

Many people believe that Trump will never be as “cool” as the 44th President. You have to admit that Obama was a cool character.

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Gold Families

Remember Trump’s personal feud with the Khan family during the election?

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Being Called Out

Trump never missed a moment during the election to talk about the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But as soon as someone wants to investigate him, he quickly imposes a double-standard.

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Counting Correctly

Was it really necessary to accuse the media of underestimating the attendance at the inauguration? The photos reveal the truth. But at least the White House offered “alternative facts.”

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The U.S. Voting System

Whatever became of the investigation into voter fraud that would have proven that Trump beat Hillary in the popular vote?

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The Media

Trump continues his war against the media including CNN, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Politico and the Los Angeles Times. The media is the true enemy of Americans, according to him.

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Donald Trump is Afraid of Nothing

For die-hard Trump supporters, the President can absolutely do no wrong. According to them, Trump is afraid of absolutely nothing. And from what we’ve seen, they may be right.

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