If You Agree To Take Care Of Other People’s Pets, This Website Will Help You Travel Around The World

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Trusted Housesitters (trustedhousitters.com) has recently launched a program that allows you to stay in some amazing places all over the world. The catch is that while you’re there, you must care for the pets that live there. The program costs about $100 per year, but the benefits are huge.
The idea is that people who want to travel the world are connected to other people who want to see the globe, but are worried about leaving their furry friends behind. In exchange for a place to stay, you’ll care for these beloved pets while their owners are gone. You’ll have to build your reputation, but the work will be totally worth it.
Rack up great reviews and you’ll have your pick of fabulous places to stay all over the world. Some people have even quit their job to do this.
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See the World

Have you ever dreamed about staying in a place like this and seeing the whole world? Now you can!
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Trusted Housesitters

A company called Trusted Housesitters is making it possible to get free accommodations in exchange for watching the pets.
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Build Your Reputation

To get the best places, build your reputation by getting good reviews from clients whose pets you have watched.
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Get Connected

Start by joining the site, which costs about $100 per year and you’ll be connected with pet parents who want a vacation.
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Enjoy the World

In addition to getting to spend time with furry friends all over the world, you’ll also get to see it from a whole new vantage point.
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Watch the House

During your stay, you’ll also be asked to watch the house and keep it clean and orderly while also playing with and caring for the pets.
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Save Money

This innovative new service makes it easy to travel all over the place, even on a tight budget.
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Dreams Come True

For every place you’ve ever wanted to see, Trusted Housesitters can make that dream come true for you.
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