These Alice in Wonderland High Heels and Flats Are Inspired by Disney Magic

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Alice in Wonderland is one of those books that everybody knows about and few have actually read. The familiar images we all know are mostly because we’ve seen the Disney movie. And, that’s a good thing.
The original book is confusing, outdated and referencing people and customs of 1860’s England. The movie is another story.
Because of Disney’s imagination and a focus on the interesting parts of the story, we all know about the Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, a mean old Queen of Hearts and, of course, Alice herself.
That’s what makes these high heels and flats, made by a company called Irregular Choice, so captivating. They’re inspired by the wild imagination of a modern filmmaker, rather than the writings of an English guy who lived 150 years ago.
Remember, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
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Start With Tea

The collection starts with the Alice heels but a must have follow up are these teacup heels which come in handy around 4 PM or so…
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Psychedelic Imagery

Lewis Carroll, the author, was said to have been a bit mad and suffered from hallucinations. No wonder his work inspired psychedelic illusions like these marvelously crafted heels.
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The Mad Hatter

It’s ironic that The Mad Hatter has high heels for head-wear. But, if the shoe fits…
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Cheshire Cat Flats (Color)

The Cheshire Cat is known for twisting logic into a brilliant perception of reality. It was Disney who gave him that colorful smile…
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Cheshire Cat Flats (Plain)

But this cat is just as cool in black and white.
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Queen of Hearts

Imagine wearing these to the next card game. Make it Bridge, though. Somehow, they don’t work for Poker…
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Alice Ankle Socks

The collection doesn’t stop at heels and flats. Other accessories include these highly decorative anklets…
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Ruby Red Slippers?

No, but the idea is pretty close. Somehow, Ruby Red is a perfect color for magical shoes…
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Disney Characters Reign

Even the soles of these shoes pays homage to the Disney characters. And they’re not meant to be seen!
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Interchangeable Designs

Customers can pick and choose between styles to personalize pairs and make them unique. Just like Alice herself!
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Not Necessarily Disney

The story of Alice in Wonderland has been told in so many ways, it’s not always the Disney characters we recognize.
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The Most Loved Images

But it’s the Disney characters we are most familiar with, so it’s a good bet scenes like these will sell lots of shoes…
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One Lump?

Remember, the whole story begins because the characters are looking for a suitable place to have tea.
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Or Two?

Luckily for us, more than 150 years later, they found the perfect spot!
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