Alopecia Didn’t Stop This 7-Year Old From Impressing Everyone on Crazy Hair Day

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Schools all over the world set aside one day per school year where students can come to class with crazy hair. That usually involves temporary hair dye, lots of hair spray and other crazy looks. Gianessa Wride, diagnosed with alopecia, didn’t let her condition stop her from participating.
Alopecia is a chronic condition that causes Gianessa’s hair to fall out. When crazy hair day came to Gianessa’s school, her mom came up with a brilliant plan. The results were dazzling.
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Meet Gianessa

Gianessa is a 7-year old from Utah who suffers from a recurring condition called alopecia.
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Crazy Hair Day

When crazy hair day came to Gianessa’s school, she wasn’t sure she could participate.
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Mom to the Rescue

Fortunately, for Gianessa, her mother had a brilliant plan that would allow her to take part.
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A Whole New Look

Gianessa might not have any hair, but she can still rock a crazy look for school so she doesn’t feel left out.
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Crystals All Over

Instead of big, brightly colored hair, Gianessa went to school with a head covered in crystals.
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Mom’s Reaction

“It’s crazy “head” day today! I must say she looks absolutely stunning,” says Gianessa’s mom.
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Making an Impact

Gianessa doesn’t have any hair, but she sure did make a splash this year on crazy hair day.
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