This Artist Describes Suffering From Anxiety and Depressing in a Hilarious Way

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You probably don’t always equate depression and anxiety with hilarity, right? Gemma Correl, a British artist suffers from both conditions and finds that having a sense of humor helps her cope. She uses her artistic talents to create cartoons that are funny, but thought provoking at the time.
No matter what the subject matter, Correll does a great job of portraying how living with mental illness feels like. If you have either condition, or even if you don’t, you’ll love these funny cartoons. You might even be able to relate.
Go ahead and laugh, but also take some time to have compassion for people with the problem.
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Making Phone Calls

Anyone with anxiety will tell you that a simple phone call can be an overwhelming prospect. Sometimes you probably go ahead and make the call, but home the person on the other end won’t pick up. If you’ve ever prayed for an answering machine, you know exactly what this comic is all about.
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Map of an Introvert

Many people with anxiety are introverts and being out in public makes them anxious. This map is a helpful rendition of how (and where) an introvert likes to live.
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Terrible Things

Someone with anxiety will immediately assume the worst anytime plans change or schedules are altered. They worry about friends and family to a great degree. They also worry about themselves.
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Postive or Negative

People with anxiety tend to brush of compliments, but take harsh criticism to heart. They are reluctant to believe that there’s anything great about them, but are always ready to accept that they are bad. Is that you?
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Not Calm

The saying, “keep calm,” is virtually impossible for you if you have anxiety. In fact, calmness doesn’t play into your life much at all. Sound familiar?
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Worrier Pose

No, it’s not really a yoga pose, but it rings true for anxiety. No matter what you’re doing to calm down, your brain is racing about all sorts of other things.
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Tropical Depression

Life can be very difficult if you have depression. Simple things become that much harder. Here’s a funny way of looking at those down times in a brand new way.
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Here’s how a person with depression feels on many days. Just getting up and getting anythign done is out of the question.
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Getting in Trouble

Being sent to their room is no big deal for someone with anxiety or depression. In fact, that’s exactly where they want to be. Alone in their room.
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Real Life Horror Movies

Here’s an accurate picture of what scares someone with anxiety. It’s not monsters and ghosts. It usually has to do with interacting with other people.
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Overthinking Everything

Anxiety can cause you to overthink just about everything that happens. You probably spend time ruminating on every aspect of your life. This cartoon does a great job of perfectly capturing that feeling.
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Here’s a pretty accurate picture of what bedtime looks like for someone with anxiety. Even if you’re super tired, it can be hard to sleep with your brain racing. Have you ever had a night like this one?
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#Mental Illness

Carroll drew this cartoon to show someone what a mental illness looks like. On the one hand you feel like you have to do it all. On the other hand, you feel like your efforts aren’t enough.
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Mood Swings

When you have depression, you have ups and downs. This cute cartoon is a good way to show how you feel. You look the same on the outside, but your emotions change on the inside.
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Social Life

When you’re anxious or depressed, going out can be scary and unwelcome. This helpful set of dice will assist you in deciding whether you’ll go or not.
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