Once Ashamed of Their Hair, These Twins Are Now Famous For It

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We all have that one thing about our looks that we hate. For these twins, it was their hair. Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder spent a ton of time straightening their hair.
When they got tired of that and decided to go natural, they became Instagram sensations. Now they are famous for their natural hair. Now they also run the blog, “Urban Bush Babes.”
Their great hair is inspiring women all over the world now.
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Started Early

These twins were born with glorious natural hair, but they went through a stage where they both hated it.
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Model Material

With or without their natural hair, both women are beautiful, but they became a sensation when they quit straightening it.
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Instagram Worthy

Now the twins are taking social media by storm by showing off their natural hair.
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Inspiration to Other Girls

Both twins and their fantastic hair days are now inspiring other girls who want to embrace their natural mane.
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Not Ashamed Anymore

Now the girls know that they don’t have to feel bad about their hair anymore because it’s beautiful.
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The girls took their new fame to an entirely new level by starting their own blog centered around their hair.
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Urban Bush Babes

The blog is called “Urban Bush Babes” and promotes healthy and beautiful natural hair.
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Hair Envy

One look at this hairstyle and it’s easy to see why so many women have hair envy when it comes to the twins.
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Totally Natural

Here’s more proof that the twins’ natural hair is way better than trying to make it into something it isn’t.
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Passion in Everything

The positive response the girls have gotten has given them the same passion to do their best in everything.
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Take a Hint From Them

As you can see, the girls pursue life without a bit of shame, which is a great lesson to the rest of us.
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