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These Survivors Recreated Their Cancer Photos with Stunning Results

Three years ago, these girls were fighting cancer. Now they have gotten back together to celebrate their health and their return to normal. The photos are taken by Lora...

Before and After “Weight Loss” Photos That are Totally Lying to You and the Secrets Revealed

We've all seen them. Amazing transformations that show off a brand new body after months of hard work. Yes, some of them are for real.

How One Real-Life Superhero Helps Save Animals From Dying Of Thirst By Driving Hours to Bring Them Water Every Day

His name is Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, and he's just an ordinary person, like you. He saw a drought emergency in his native Kenya. It threatened - it threatens - the lives...

These Badass Women Changed Your World With What They Did

Women might be feeling a little lower on the totem pole these days. Women's marches across the country have cropped up to protest President Trump for his alleged remarks...

One Parent Took Her Son’s Autism and Turned Into Beautiful Art

Being the mother of an autistic child is not easy. Of course, this mother loves her son, but that doesn't make his condition less challenging. So she decided to turn...

When Her Mom Runs Away, This 5-Year Old Becomes Caretaker to Her Two Grandmas

Five-year old Anna Wang lives in China and when her mother remarried, she abandoned her. That means that now Anna is left caring for her ailing grandmother and...

Hilarious Reactions of Animals Doing Something for the First Time

You've probably been witness to a baby or toddler experiencing something for the first time. You know how funny that can be. Did you know that animals are just as silly...

What Were They Thinking? People With Funny Names Who Should Absolutely Sue Their Parents

What's in a name? The Chinese think John Smith is hilarious and there's a guy listed in the San Antonio telephone book under his real name: Weldon Rumproast.

Japanese Photographer Brings Action Figures To Life With These Dazzling Photos

What do you do with YOUR action figures? If you're half as inventive as Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi, good for you. His images look like scenes from some awesome...

Cat That No Human Would Dare Touch Finally Found Someone To Love Him… And It Will Put You In Tears

Valentino is a striped stray cat from Los Angeles who was recently saved from a local shelter, despite having one of the worst cases of mange ever seen.

Soaring High: A Breathtaking Helicopter View Of Famous Landmarks Around the World

When we fly high over cities or the heartland of any nation it's usually observed from at least 5 miles high. But, the view from a helicopter is different.

A Day In The Life Of Hilda The Plus Size Pin Up Girl

Before the body shaming critics started taking over, the sight of a plus sized woman was a common, even desirable image in advertising. In the 50s, plump was in.