This Autistic Man Studied Law So That He Could Eventually Sue The Place That Called Him Stupid

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Many people are biased toward those with special needs, unnecessarily labeling them as stupid. That’s exactly what happened to Ketan Aggarwal, an autistic man living in London. He was at Virgin Active gym where an employee made fun of his condition.
Rather than blowing off the insult, Aggarwal spent two years studying law. He used library books and the internet to educate himself. Then, he sued Virgin Active in court…and won.
Not only did Aggarwal get a cash payment and a written apology, the staff member who berated him was fired. Aggarwal says “it felt amazing to win.”
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Spinning Class

Aggarwal was taking a spinning class when the incident occurred.
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Change of Music

He innocently requested some different music for the class, which apparently angered the instructor.
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The instructor called him “stupid” and berated Aggarwal for his requests.
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Making a Complaint

Aggarwal filed a complaint with the gym, which was ignored, so he studied law for 2 entire years so he could sue Virgin Active over the issue.
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After winning his case, Aggarwal was issued a formal apology and a cash settlement.
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Happy Ending

“It wasn’t about the money…” say Aggarwal, but added that “it felt amazing to win.”
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