Bullied Because Of Her 500+ Birthmarks, This Teen Turned Imperfection Into Something Beautiful

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Alba Parejo suffers from a rare condition called congenital melanocytic nevus. The condition causes her to have more than 500 birthmarks on her body. As you can imagine, her peers were relentlessly cruel to her because of her looks.
Surgery as a child also left her with several facial scars. Instead of letting this get her down, Parejo became a model and appeared on a local magazine in her hometown or Barcelona. Now she’s preaching self love to anyone who will listen.
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Born with Birthmarks

Due to Parjeo’s condition, she was born with hundred of birthmarks that appeared all over her body.
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Many Surgeries

More than 30 surgeries helped remove some of the discoloration, though it left her with large scars on parts of her body.
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Mean Names

Among many other things, Parejo was called “dalmation” and “monster” by her peers.
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Model Material

As she got older, Parejo decided to embrace her looks and with positive reinforcement, she decided to enter a modeling competition.
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Body Awareness

At the same time, Parejo hoped to spread positive body image awareness for herself and others.
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Familiar Face

Parejo can be seen locally on billboards and in newspapers, proving that differences are still beautiful.
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Well Known

Now she’s well known for her condition and how she still feels confident about her body and how she looks.
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Something to Share

It’s obvious that Parejo has something to share with the world and plenty to teach women about body confidence.
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In the Eye of the Beholder

There’s no doubt that Parejo is beautiful, no matter what she’s wearing.
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Showing the World

Now Parejo can show her naysayers that they were wrong about her all along.
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