This Cat, Dog And Rat Were Dropped Off At A Shelter Together And Now They’re Inseparable

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Cats, dogs and rats aren’t well known for having a peaceful relationship. If you’ve ever watched cartoons, you know that dogs chase cats and cats chase rats. The trio you see here is the exception to the rule.
Sasha the dog, Jack the cat and Tweaks the rat were all three delivered to an animal shelter by their human owner. The staff at the animal shelter knew instantly that the three animals had an unshakable bond. Jack doesn’t see too well so he relies on Sasha to help him get around.
Sasha helps keep Jack calm and wanted his cat friend nearby the entire time the three lived at the shelter. Tweaks is a funny and friendly rat that loves being with his dog and cat friend. Eventually the three found a new forever home where they could stay together for the rest of their lives.
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Trio of Cute Pets

When their owner could no longer care for them, Sasha the dog, Jack the cat and Tweaks the rat were left together at an animal shelter.
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The Three Musketeers

Animal shelter staff knew the three animals shared a very special bond, saying, “Their owner could no longer care for them but they let us know they were very bonded.”
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Jack is Visually Impaired

Jack the cat has a hard time seeing so he relies on Sasha to help him get around and to comfort him when he’s scared.
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Unshakable Friends

“She calms Jack and if Jack is away from Sasha too long he gets very upset,” say the staff at the animal shelter.
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Tweaks is Young at Heart

Tweaks the rat is considered a senior, but likes to play with his dog and cat friends and is very affectionate.
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The Best of Friends

Staff at the shelter call the three animals best friends. “These three are just amazing to watch, how they interact and how they all just get along so well.”
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Unique Personalities

During their stay at the animal shelter, staff raved about how the unique personalities of the pets make them special, but also give them a great relationship.
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Stay Together Forever

Staff soon realized that the three needed to stay together and knew that Sasha, Jack and Tweaks would need to be adopted into the same family.
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Taking Care of Each Other

As the three waited for a new owner, they continued to love and care for each other during their stay at the animal shelter.
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New Forever Home

Eventually someone came along and decided to take all three animals home and Jack, Sasha and Tweaks now have a new and loving place to live out the rest of their days.
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