Cat That No Human Would Dare Touch Finally Found Someone To Love Him… And It Will Put You In Tears

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Valentino is a striped stray cat from Los Angeles who was recently saved from a local shelter, despite having one of the worst cases of mange ever seen.
The heartbreaking pictures of a mange-encrusted Valentino swept social media and support came pouring in to help the pitiful cat get back to good health.
Valentino is now recovering at Leave No Paws Behind and will be departing soon to start his new life with a foster family. In the meantime, Valentino endures getting completely soaked in a chemical bath which will cure that mangy skin with no long term or harmful side effects.
Stay tuned for more updates on Valentino the mangy cat as he hopefully recovers completely and lives out the rest of his 8 lives…
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The World Meets Valentino

When Valentino’s story broke on Facebook in February 2017 the world was horrified to see what neglect can do to an otherwise healthy, normal house cat.
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All Valentino was able to manage was a weak “Meow!’ to ask for help. And, because mange is a condition that can affect humans, his handling was extremely careful.
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Valentino is “Adopted”

Fortunately, not everyone who came to the shelter was too fearful to come near Valentino, whose condition could only be properly attended to by his being adopted.
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Would that day come in time?
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Valentino Is Saved!

When Elaine Seamans visited the Baldwin Park animal shelter she wasted no time and began’s Valentino’s rehab back to normalcy with the simple act of picking him up and showing she cared.
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It’s amazing what even the simplest gesture of love and compassion can do. Valentino immediately looks calmer and less mindful of the awful pain he had to be feeling at that moment.
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A Little Sleep…

Is a welcome relief and Valentino begins his journey back to health.
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On The Road…

To recovery. It’s obvious Valentino has a cat’s natural aversion to getting wet. And, that’s a good thing…
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Almost There…

If Valentino looks skittish and a little angry at getting soaked it means he’s that much closer to being a finicky, aloof adult who pays attention to humans only when they’re useful.
You know, like well-loved house cats do.
If they’re lucky…
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