Celebs Who Made It Big Despite Once Being Bullied

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Bullying is something that happens at most schools. Some kids are relentlessly bullied, but go on to overcome it and be wildly successful. Sometimes those people have names you might recognize.
Some of these people say that bullying turned them into who they are and that they became successful to prove their naysayers wrong. Others use their star status to spread awareness about bullying. Either way, you’ll be interested to find which stars were bullied as kids.
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Michelle Trachtenberg

She’s the star of “Gossip Girl,” but her life wasn’t always good. She says her entire 8th grade class ditched her during graduation when she went to the bathroom. She was also beaten up and ridiculed in school.
Luckily, she knew the bullying stemmed from jealousy and hasn’t let it hold back her acting career.
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Jason Segel

Yes, this hilarious actor author was bullied as a kid. Segel says he was beaten up and made fun of for his size. He was also mistreated for being Jewish.
Despite all that, he’s wildly successful today and has a pretty great attitude towards life.
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Christian Bale

When “Empire of the Sun” flopped, Bale was ridiculed by his classmates and blamed for the flop. In fact, for many years afterward, he was beaten by other boys. He almost quit acting because of it.
However, he overcame the beatings and went on to be the hugely successful Batman character.
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Robert Pattinson

You might not believe it now, but Pattinson was bullied as a kid. He says he was beaten up a lot and ridiculed for “acting like an actor.” Pattinson doesn’t talk about it a lot, but he was very poorly treated at school for many years.
He used those feelings to drive him to a hugely successful acting career.
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Winona Ryder

The bullying Ryder endured was so bad that she was actually homeschooled. She was beat up on many occasions and some classmates called her gay and bashed her for that. Some male students thought she was a boy and bullied her because of it.
Despite, this she has gone on to become one of the most well known actresses of her time.
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Janis Joplin

Depsite her successful singing career, Joplin was relentlessly bullied as a young girl. She was called names and mistreated at school, which partly contributes to the self destructive behavior that characterized her later life. She was even called the “ugliest man” in college.
Unfortunately, Joplin died at the age of 27, but she did experience some success before it happened.
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Chris Brown isn’t the only bully in Rihanna’s life. Though she says she grew up “black,” she was ridiculed for being “too white” in school. This resulted in beatings and name calling during her school years.
She says that this helped her develop a thick skin later in life.
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Lady Gaga

At the age of 14, a group of bullies threw Lady Gaga in a garbage can and left her there. She was picked on for being theatrical and outrageous. Girls laughed at her and called her names.
No matter what happened then, Lady Gaga has made a huge success out of her personality and is very successful these days.
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Kate Middleton

Reports from school friends say that Princess Kate was bullied at school. Though reports aren’t entirely confirmed, it’s said she ate lunch alone and once had poop in her bed. She seems to have moved past it all now though.
In fact, she and husband, Prince William, have contributed money to a charity called Beatbullying.
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You might wonder who would mess with this guy. However, he says that he was brutally attacked in a school bathroom. The attack left him with nightmares, antisocial behavior and physical injuries all over his body.
Eminem used the experience and feelings it caused as a way to drive his creativity.
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Chris Rock

Rock says he was beat up “just about every day.” As the only black kid in his grade, he was beaten, spit on and called names. Once, he was even pushed down the stairs.
However, Rock says bullying made him who he is today.
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Sandra Bullock

It’s hard to believe that someone like Sandra Bullock could be unliked. But she says that was violently bullied by kids who didn’t like the way she dressed. Bullock is outspoken about the experience of being bullied.
In fact, she hopes that talking about it will help other kids being bullied.
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