This Construction Worker Plays “Where’s Waldo” With Hospital Kids Next Door To His Work Site

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Meet construction worker Jason Haney who has one HUGE heart. On one particular job, he wanted to cheer up kids in a hospital next door to his work site. And he did so by creating a real-life game of “Where’s Waldo”.
Haney created an 8-foot cut-out of the famous character. And everyday, he hid it in a different locations for kids to find. Sometimes Waldo was easy to spot. And other days, the challenge was more difficult.
Jason also created a Facebook groups where kids could post what they find. And for his next project, he is working on cut-outs of the Minions.
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Meet Jason Haney

Jason is a construction worker who wanted to cheer up the kids in the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, next door to his work site.
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Here’s Waldo

With the help of his daughter, Jason decided to create an 8-foot cut-out of Waldo.
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Hide and Seek

He hides it daily on the construction site for kids to find.
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Moving Around

And everyday, Waldo is put in a different location.
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The Search Continues…

And everyday, kids search for Waldo and go crazy when they find him.
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Can you spot Waldo in this picture?
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Or what about this one?
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And if the other pictures were easy, this one should be more difficult.
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