These Cool Moon and Planet Lamps Will Give Any Room An Out Of This World Feeling

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Lamps are a handy item to have at home since they cast light when it gets dark outside. Most people choose neutral colors and shapes so that they go with anything in their home. Maria Elena, an artist on Etsy sees lamps a little differently.
She creates outer space themed lamps from recycled garden globes. Elena, a Rome-based Italian astrophysicist, uses her knowledge to give each of the lamps an incredibly realistic look. Each is painted with non-toxic paints, so they are safe for kids’ rooms too.
If you’re looking for something a little different, these lamps are sure to fit the bill.
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Layers of the Moon

“Every moon has six layers, each to give a different effect.”
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Planet Lamps

“For the planet, it takes longer because there are more layers and, in some places, the color is very thick so it dries very slowly.”
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Recycled Materials

Elena says, “I use outdoor/garden globes (recycled or upcycled), that I hand-paint with atoxic materials using scientific pictures as a reference.”
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Careful Attention to Detail

“NASA often releases new images, so I have to study them and change my paintings according to new discoveries.”
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Money for Charity

Elena says that she conceived her idea when she was trying to come up with a way to raise money for animal charities.
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Give it Away

“Until now (I started 2 years ago), every single penny I earned went to charity,” says Elena.
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Dogs and Cats

She adds, “I try to help any kind of animal, but, so far, I rescued only dogs and cats.”
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For Her Cats

Elena currently has 8 cats at home with her, and enjoys earning money to take care of them.
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A Day’s Work

Elena says, “Every day, before painting, I do my yoga practice, to give to the moon a good vibe and energy.”
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Something Positive

“As an astrophysicist I am quite rational, but I believe that…people can feel I have put my best efforts to give them something positive that can spread joy and peace.”
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