This Couple Got The Shock Of A Lifetime When Their Tiny Kitten Turned Into The Longest Cat In The World

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Stephy Hirst, from Australia, knew her cat, Omar, was quite large, but was surprised when the Guinness Book of World Records contacted her. She found out that her pet is the longest feline in the world. Hirst doesn’t even know if Omar is fully grown yet.
Omar was tiny when he was a kitten, but was up to 22 pounds by the time he turned a year old. Now Omar is nearly 4 feet long and weighs more than 30 pounds. After appearing on Instagram, Omar became famous.
He loves to play on his trampoline, eat kibble and gnaw on raw kangaroo meat. Omar also loves being cuddled, but must sleep on the couch because he’s too big for the bed.
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Meet Omar

Omar recently earned a spot as the longest feline in the world and you can see why.
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Tiny Kitten

Omar’s owner says he was very tiny when he was born, but quickly grew to more than 20 pounds in the first year.
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Thought So

“We thought he might be (the longest cat in the world) but we hadn’t done anything about it.”
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Breaking a Record

Stephy Hirst, Omar’s owner, was later contacted by the Guinness Book of World Records. It turns out Omar had broken a record.
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Becoming Famous

Omar’s picture was shared on Instagram and he soon became famous.
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Many Loves

Omar has many loves, including waking up early, playing on his trampoline and enjoying his favorite foods – kibble and kangaroo.
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Cuddles Up

Despite his large size, Omar loves to cuddle and demands to be petted all the time.
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Sleeping on the Couch

“He sleeps on the couch… because he takes up too much room on the bed.”
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Total Size

Get a load of Omar’s stats: he weighs 30.86 pounds and is 3.94 feet long. Wow!
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