Creepy Vintage Black and White Photos That Simply Can’t Be Explained

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We’re not going to pretend to understand what people were thinking about way back in the day when they snapped these strange photographs. For some reason, people had an amazing fascination with skulls, masks and skeletons. And they took time out of their busy days to pose for the oddest photos.
We suppose that the people in these bizarre pics had reasons for taking them. On one, two guys are holding a pair of sticks up to a woman’s eyes. If there was a reason for this, we’d sure like to hear what it was.
We live in a day of selfies and funny pics. We don’t imagine 100 years from now that people will look at our present-day photos and think they are as strange as a century ago. But then again, that’s probably what those people said back then…
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Just Hanging Around

After closer observation, these women may just be laying on their stomachs and the photo may be rotated.
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Skull Baby

Aww, that skull is so cute at that age.
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Sticks and Stones…

… will break your “eyes” (apparently)
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Baby Headgear

Well, if this little girl decides to play football, she will have a COOL helmet.
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Giddy Up!

If you’re ever NOT in a hurry to get somewhere, just strap a ride on the back of a turtle.
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Along for the Ride

Really? This guy couldn’t be a gentleman and let her ride inside the car?
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The Masked Lovers

Love is truly in the (clean) air
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For the Birds

This was Big Bird before there was Big Bird
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Prison Break

Lesson to learn here: If you ever try to break out of jail, make sure you blend into your getaway car (or whatever you choose to ride in or on)
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Snake Bit

I’m gonna go ahead and say what you’re thinking… this could not have possibly ended well.
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Takin’ a Stroll

The expressions of the two guys on the right say it all
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Family Affair

You know the saying: the family that dresses up creepy together, stays together
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Clown Smoke Break

What a dreary looking circus… seriously
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Ah, now I know where to buy my next skull
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The Ultimate Nightmare

Oh granny, what big eyes and big teeth you have
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