What Would Disney Princesses Do And Look Like If They Lived In The Modern World?

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Anoosha Sayed is a very talented artist who loves Disney princesses. So much so that she wonders what they’d look like and what they’d be doing if it weren’t for all the royal duties and stuff.
So Anoosha decided to depict her favorite Disney princesses (meaning all of them) in situations more befitting we Commoners.
After all, a favorite plot is to show what a Princess would do if she got away from the palace, the island or the castle for an adventure in an unfamiliar world.
Turns out, these eventual princesses (like Snow White – Queen of Social Media) are pretty much like the rest of us.
Except for the happy endings…
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In today’s world Jasmine would be a travel blogger. No doubt getting around by magic carpet…
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These days Tiana is an entrepreneur who specializes in opening new restaurants. How does she keep that girlish figure?
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Merida is a Punk Rocker in the real world. Would Walt Disney have approved of that?
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Anoosha pegs Mulan as a military cadet. She always did march to a different drummer…
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In the ballet is where we find Esmerelda in this alternate universe. The hardest thing for her is walking around on tippy-toes…
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Jane gives up society all together and goes to live with the gorillas as an artist. Good thing her dad tags along…
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With her knack for learning languages, Pocahontas ends up being a translator at the UN. Still looking for that prince?
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What did you expect? Ariel is, of course, pretending to be a marine biologist. Even though she always wanted to pretend to be an architect…
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Belle turns out to be a fangirl and loves blogging about pop culture, especially film. Living in the real world she’s discovered something the rest of us have already found out.
Like with most Disney movies, why even bother reading the book?
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