Father Cat Takes Care of Mother Cat During Birth, Winning Our Hearts and Minds

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It’s no uncommon for a dad to be in the room when his baby is born. When the couple goes home, dads do a lot these days. That’t not always the case in the animal world.
Unless Dad is this cat. Tam The, the mother cat gave birth to her kittens and Dad, Yello didn’t go too far. He took care of mom and babies throughout.
In the process, he won the hearts of people all over the world. Have a look.
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Labor Pains

Mom cat is in labor here. She probably isn’t too comfortable or happy. Dad cat comforts and caresses her through it all.
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Four Babies

The babies have arrived and mom is tired. The kitties have all snuggled up to her to eat. She looks a bit overwhelmed.
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Dad Jumps In

Here you see the dad cat lying down next to Mom and babies. He is there to offer his support, even if he doens’t realize it. The mom looks much more comfortable now.
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Snuggling His Babies

Dad cats don’t usually do this, but Yello is sleeping with his kittens. He’s making them feel warm and safe. Those babies look pretty content.
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Family Nap Time

The whole family is snuggled up to a nap. Sometimes if Mom and Dad are resting, the babies will too. This proves it.
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Relying on Dad

The mom cat looks to be resting against the dad cat. He’s reaching out his paw as if to give his support to her. So cute!
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Not Letting Go

Dad has is paw around Mom cat here. He doens’t want her to get up and leave. After all, the whole family is together.
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Protecting His Babies

Dads all over the place jump up and protect their babies. Yello is no exception. He looks to be guarding his babies from anything bad.
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Caring for the Kittens

Mom cat isn’t there so dad is stepping in. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him to sleep with a bunch of tiny kittens. He looks pretty happy.
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