Feather Brows Are Here And Social Media Is Totally Freaking Out

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The world of beauty, just like the world of fashion, is always changing and is often surprising. Feather brows are the latest trend on Instagram and more and more people are giving it a try. Stella Sironen is behind the massive popularity of feather brows.
What you might be surprised to learn is that her original photo calling it a trend was a joke. Like many other beauty trends, many people love the look and many people hate it. What we all know is that something new and surprising will replace feather brows at some point.
For now, it’s up to you to decide if you love the trend or can’t wait for it to fall by the wayside. Would you ever try feather brows?
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Started as a Joke

Stella Sironen claims that her first Instagram photo of feathered brows was a joke.
Source: Pinterest
Suggested by a Friend

Sironen says that her friend Leevi tried out the look by parting Sironen’s eyebrows with a glue stick.
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Instagram Sensation

More than 3,000 comments came in as a response, firmly divided between hating the look and loving the look.
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A Second Photo

After her first feather eyebrow photo became such a sensation, Sironen posted another one, despite the many hateful comments her first one received.
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Using Pomade

As the feather brows look has gained in popularity, beauty experts are trying new ways to hold the look, including slicking them in either direction with pomade.
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What started as a joke now has its very own hashtag on Instagram and people are adding their own photos every single day.
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How to Get Feather Brows

Achieving feather brows involves parting your brow hairs down the middle, then brushing the top half upward and bottom half downward.
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Safety Considerations

Makeup artists, many of whom love the feather brow look, caution against using glue to hold the look in place. They suggest something safer, like clear mascara to get the job done.
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With the Perfect Makeup

As the feather brow trend continues to grow, women are adding bright bold makeup to further enhance the look.
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Love or Hate?

Now it’s up to you? Do you love feather brows or hate them?
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