Forget “The Breakfast Club” – Here’s What Kids Are Doing Now To Earn A Day In Detention

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In the old days, students would get detention for being disruptive in class and it usually meant the child was truly unruly. Otherwise, a good rap across the knuckles with a ruler usually did the trick. But, those days are gone.
Nowadays, it takes some truly creative behavior to provoke a teacher into taking action. And, like in everything else, kids are WAY ahead of where they used to be by the time they make it to Grade School and beyond. Here are some great examples of just how far today’s kids have to go to push a teacher’s buttons. And, most of them are hilarious…
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Jerk Store Anyone?

You know how sometimes you think of the perfect line to say after the moment is gone? Not this time…
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History Repeats Itself

Bruce Wayne in 9th grade?
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7th Grade Biology Class

So, wait. Which part did Mason go to detention for?
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Was It Wednesday At Least?

30 minute lunch detention? If it had been Troy’s other end, this kid would’ve gotten at least an hour…
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A New Twist On An Old Game

“Oh. You said hide and go peep. My bad…”
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This Seems Unfair

Shouldn’t the teacher have gone to detention for being wrong?
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Out In The Real World…

FBI profilers know that many a criminal career started with “excessive chair squeaking”…
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The Sandwich Part Was Wrong…

But YOLO? Since when do they teach that in school?…
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You Gotta Hand It To Him…

At least he didn’t draw it on the blackboard…
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Economics 101

She should get an ‘A’ for her entrepreneurial spirit…
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OK, Singing’s Not Allowed In Class

But hitting a Non-Belieber? He should get a reward…
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What Do You Expect?

After all, it’s getting harder and harder to find a phone booth…
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To Be Fair

It was National Gorilla Suit Day…
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He Makes A Good Point

But it may have gone over better in Chemistry class…
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