Funny Photoshop Troll Takes People’s Requests to a “Literally” and Satirically All-New Level

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If you’ve never heard of James Fridman, now is the time to get to know him. He has become famous for taking requests to alter people’s photos and the results are absolutely hilarious. He has taken the art of photoshopping to a new level.
His goal is to give you literally what you ask for. For example, in the image above, the request was for her boyfriend to look at her. Well, James accomplished that in his very own satirical way.
James takes requests on his Twitter handle @fjamie013. But please be aware… don’t submit any photos if you don’t want them to become public.
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Monkey Business

Well, she wanted a happy monkey in the photo. And according to James, happiness to a monkey is being on dry land while humans float in water.
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Love is in the Air

The guy in the pic wanted James to update te photo to make it look he and his girlfriend were holding hands. Well, James did just that. But do you really think that is his girlfriend?
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Zoo Tycoons

Not sure why, but these two wanted the giraffe in the background to be closer. They got their wish. Don’t look up!
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Well, he wanted the waterfall closer and bigger. I guess he got what he asked for. Anybody got a raincoat?
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A Fishy Situation

James was asked to make it look like she caught a fish. In response, he removed the fishing poles and replaced them with a pair of chopsticks with sushi in between.
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Ass Wipe

The request was to remove the “ass” from the original pic so James decided to erase the guy. I guess we know his personal feelings about the guy in the pic.
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The Friendzone

He doesn’t enjoy her company according to the girl in the pic. James comes to the rescue and now the guy in the updated pic is in the “friendzone”.
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Babe Magnet

All he wanted to do was look hot for the babes. Instead, he became a can of cat food. Clever!
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Just Be Yourself!

For once, James decided not to Photoshop the original image. She wanted to see what she would look like with a little meat on her bones and James told her that she should be herself. Hopefully her self-esteem shot right up.
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