When George Takei Gets Even, He Gets Savage

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George Takei has become a new kind of celebrity. His Sulu seems light years away. Now he’s social media’s wittiest Social Justice Warrior.
Takei does have a schtick. He plays up the gay stereotype and uses it to cut conservative targets to ribbons. It isn’t for everyone.
But it’s his. And you don’t want to get on the wrong side of it.
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No Going Gangsta In Leviticus

Who knew George knows his Bible?
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Every Boy Needs A Hobby

-and practice makes perfect.
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Hey, It’s All In The Performance

We all thought Sulu was straight, after all…
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Sounds Like Fun!

You’d think more people would’ve attended an Inauguration like that, right?
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George Can Empathize

Looks like girls will have to look elsewhere for comforting. There’s always Kirk…
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Well, Keep Trying

At least you guys get an A for Effort. As Janeway says, ‘Sometimes you just gotta punch it through.’
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…Yeah, we’re not sure we get this one, either. Is that ‘a thing,’ gay-wise?
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OK, That Makes Sense

And let this be a reminder to treat airline personnel better than we do. They’re people, dammit!
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Now You’re Just Being Bitchy

But, yeah, girl. Spell the damn word right.
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