All Grown Up: Stunning Before and After Photos of Formerly Rebellious Teens

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The teen years are a time to toe the line a little bit and test out new-found independence. You may have tried out the goth look or gone emo. You probably also recall how connected to it you were.
You may have even tried to convince your parents it wasn’t a phase. However, we all grow up and eventually turn away from childish whims. In fact, you’re likely glad you don’t look like you did in high school.
Too bad the pictures of those times remain. You’ll surely be able to commiserate with these teens who look totally different now that they are adults. The are rebellious no longer.
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Turned into a Firefighter

As a teen, this long haired boy never would have believed that he’d grow up to be a firefighter with short hair someday.
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Goth to Stylish

This couple went through an unfortunate emo phase, but came out the other end and are now quite stylish.
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Mom in Charge

Here’s a mom who runs a convenience store and is married, all things she swore she’d never be when she was a rebellious teen.
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Emo to Dad

In just a decade, this young dad totally transformed from a rebellious emo teen into a salt of the earth family man.
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Hated Everyone

This girl freely admits that as a teen she hated life and anything that wasn’t black. Now she’s a Ph.D. student who wears all colors.
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Purple to Blonde

Gone is the purple hair, in favor of a more grown up blonde look.
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Married and Knitting

This self-professed emo girl grew up in a few short years. Now she’s married and loves to bake and knit.
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Two College Degrees

She still likes to have fun, but this formerly emo girl now has two college degrees and works for a local school district.
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High School Teacher

An amazing teacher can change your life, so this 9th grade teacher shows kids how not to be like she was in 9th grade.
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New Mama

From dark makeup and a lip piercing to the mom of a new baby. This woman has changed body and soul since she was a teenager.
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Battling Emotions

She says she still battles depression, but now feels a whole lot better about how she looks.
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Proud Homeowner

Once deeply immersed in the emo culture, this young lady now has a good job and is buying her first home.
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Stay at Home Mom

This party girl went from strange lipstick and emo hair to being the stay at home mom of a tiny baby.
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Colorful Hair to Dentist

Here’s a girl who looks back and says she hates her teen style. Now a dentist and mom, she has certainly grown up.
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Too Much Eyeliner

She tried to cover up her depression with dark makeup. Once she got treatment, things turned around and life got so much better.
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