Did You Hear That A 3000-Year-Old Pharaoh Statue Was Found In Cairo? It’s Being Called “One Of The Most Important Discoveries Ever”

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The slums of a large city are probably the last place you’d expect to find a centuries old statue, right? That actually happened recently in Cairo, where archaeologists unearthed a gigantic statue they say is Ramses II. Of course, that means a lot of work for them.
So far, the bust and head of the statue have been found. Additionally, there have been several other artifacts discovered nearby. Work will continue until the entire statue is found.
Once that happens, the artifacts will be restored and displayed in Egypt. The discovery is being called “one of the most important ever.”
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Excavation Site

Here you see archaeologists hard at work digging out the pieces of the statue. Most of them are from Germany or Egypt.
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Bust and Head

As you can see, the statue is slowly being unearthed. It appears to be in pieces, which makes it easier to move.
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Using Water

Often archaeologists will use water to dig out an artifact. You can see that working very well here.
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What a Spectacle

Naturally something this big is attracting the attention of the people who live in the town.
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Other Artifacts

There are a variety of other artifacts that are reported to have been found near the statue.
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Removal Process

This picture shows just how large the head of the statue is as it is removed using a large bulldozer.
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With a discovery this large, it makes sense that everyone wants to get in on it. Wouldn’t you?
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Very Large

With the crowd of people standing around it, you can see just how large this statute of Ramses II really is.
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Quartzite Materials

This close up image shows you that the statue is constructed of quartzite materials.
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Each of the pieces will be carefully restored before being displayed at the new Grand Egyptian Museum.
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Along with the statue, archaeologists found some fascinating ancient writings, which will also be on display.
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