Here’s What Happens When You Decide Not To Hire A Wedding Photographer

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One of the many professionals that most brides and grooms hire is a photographer. In fact, a wedding photographer is considered one of the most vital expenses for any wedding budget. But that doesn’t mean all couples make it a priority.
Eirik Halvorsen is a professional photographer and decided to prove why it’s important to hire someone to take pictures at your wedding. He maintains that you should never, ever let guests be in charge of your wedding photos. What Halvorsen did was genius.
He hired one of the best wedding photographers for his own wedding. Then, he compared the professional photos with those taken by guests. This just proves how important lighting and composition are when you capture photos from arguably one of the biggest days of your life.
Following are the photos taken by the guests. They’re sure to inspire you to bite the bullet and hire a pro.
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Importance of a Wedding Photographer

Eirik Halvorsen is a photographer and wants couples to know how vital a professional photographer is for the big day.
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Lighting and Composition

Without knowledge of how to stage the proper photo, the average photograph of your wedding will not look that great.
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An Idea is Born

Halvorsen had the idea to compare guest photos to professional ones to prove why a pro is so important.
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Halvorsen’s Inspiration

An online post is what ultimately spurred Halvorsen to take on the project.
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Silly Bride

Halvorsen says, “A bride-to-be said they wanted to save money by not hiring a professional wedding photographer.”
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Let the Guests Take the Photos

The bride is quoted as saying, “I mean, they will take pictures, right? You just have to get everyone to Dropbox you the photos after…”
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Special Moments

She goes on to state, “… and you can make your own album and look back on those special moments forever.”
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What Happens Next

Halvorsen used guest photos from his own wedding to prove the bride-to-be totally wrong.
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The Wrong Color

As some of the guest pictures prove, your average camera doesn’t always properly capture the moment.
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The Wrong Everything

This image proves that someone who isn’t in the know doesn’t always know how to get the shutter speed, background lighting and composition correct.
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Too Dark

This photo proves that without the right lighting, your memories of your first dance will be dark and dreary.
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A Little Bit Blurry

Unlike the wedding guests, a professional wedding photographer knows how to turn out crystal clear pictures of your big day.
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Just Hire a Pro

Now, Halvorsen compares guest photos to the ones taken by the wedding photographer he hired for his own wedding.
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Can You See the Difference?

It’s obvious that Halvorsen hired someone who knows how to compose the perfect photograph to capture a memory he doesn’t want to forget.
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Make Room in the Budget

Halvorsen says, “Me and my wife cut cost everywhere possible to be able to hire our dream photographer.”
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You’ll Be So Glad You Spent the Money

He adds, “All I know from the experience of getting married is that all that is left today is the photos.”
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