Here’s What Not To Do In The Kitchen: Hilarious And Disastrous Cooking FAILS

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The kitchen is where the action is. It’s also where the laughter is. And the screaming.
The explosions. The vortex to Hell. The alien portal.
The blood! It’s all there, right in your kitchen. Without the kitchen, domestic life would be awfully boring.
Love your kitchen!
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Pizzashima Mon Amor

History was changed forever when Harry Truman dropped the Big One.
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He Ain’t Heavy

He’s my pasta.
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Meatloaf Of The Damned

This time, with bacon! Have a side order of…
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Little Demon Biscuits

We like biscuits that moan in anguish.
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‘M’ Is For ‘Magma’

Molten and delicious, just like Mom used to make!
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When You Stare Into The Abyss

The ocean trenches amaze us with their eerie, otherworldly life forms.
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Chocolate Runaway Icing Cake

Also known as, ‘Shoulda put it in the fridge while the going was good.’
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Hatchling Fondue

Thrill to their piteous chirping for escape.
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Spaghetti Flambeau

To douse the flames, just turn the pot upside down.
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Just How We Like It!

Nothing like a charcoal pizza with extra charcoal toppings.
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Two for one: a pound cake that can read fine print.
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Defeat By Spaghetti Sauce

As long as Kitty likes it.
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Well…It WAS An Electric Kettle

‘Because if I plug it in, then put it on a hot stove, shouldn’t that just heat it up faster?’
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Step One

– in cooking just about any home meal.
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