Hilarious Love Notes From Couples Who Have A Great Sense of Humor

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Most modern couples don’t write each other love notes with pen and paper. What was once a common way to communicate has gone the way of the rotary dial phone. Now couples tend to text or Snapchat each other instead.
Sometimes, though, couples do pass each other an old school kind of love letter. When they have a sense of humor, those notes can be pretty funny. If you need a laugh today, you are going to love these.
Who knows? They might even inspire you to write your significant other a funny love note.
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Almost as Much as the Dog

This is saying a lot since your dog tends to love unconditionally.
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Cornflake of Love

When someone is really in love with you, they will see hearts everywhere.
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Presents or Not

This man’s love note reminds his girlfriend that she gets more presents if the heat bill is lower.
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Do As I Say

Refrigerator magnets are the perfect way to leave each other love notes.
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Say It Like It Is

This man tells it like it is, but still gets to the love stuff.
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Delicious Bacon

What a great analogy for sharing love for one another.
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Add an Illustration

The pictures make this love note even more hilarious than it was with just words.
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Funny Little Note

When you’ve been together for a long time, this is a funny way to leave each other notes.
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Good Advice

True love means giving each other advice – even if it’s not that romantic.
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True Acceptance

True love means true acceptance and this couple has got it figured out.
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Banana Notes

Not only is this quirky, but it’s creative and delicious too.
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Subtle Touch

This subtle love note tells him what she really wants when he goes to the store.
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Just the Way You Are

This is heartwarming, but the placement on the scale makes it funny too.
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Ready for Battle

When a wife really knows her husband, she’ll leave him a love note he will want to get.
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Unending Love

Nothing says love like something that will last longer than flowers.
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Fun Puns

The puns and the illustrations turn these love notes into something really special.
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Loving Bagels

She loves bagels almost as much as she loves him.
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