Home Sweet Home: For $11,000 and a Mere 24 Hours, This 3-D House Went From Start to Finish

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When you decide to have a home built, you’re usually in for months of waiting for it to be finished. No more! A San Francisco company built one in just 24 hours.
How? The builders used a 3-D printer to create the 400 square foot home. The home is made from a concrete mixture and is predicted to last nearly 200 years.
If that’s not unbelievable enough, the entire structure cost just $11,000!
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3-D Printer

This is the 3-D printer that the company used to make the house. It churned out parts for 24 hours that were later put together to form the home.
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Apis Cor.

Apis Cor. is the company behind the home, which stands in Russia. The crew worked for only one day from start to finish.
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Concrete Mixture

Strangely enough, the home’s parts were printed using a concrete mixture. It looks like typical concrete here.
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Long Life

The home might not last forever, but it will last a couple of lifetimes. Employees of the company expect it to stand for about 175 years.
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Typical Interior

As you can see here, the inside of the home looks pretty modern. You might not know it’s a 3-D house if you weren’t told.
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Small Size

Despite the small size of the home, you can see that it has all the amenities. That includes a washer dryer setup.
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Aerial View

This is what the home looks like from above. It’s not big, but it sure does make a big impact.
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For the Homeless

Apis Cor. hopes to use their new technology to build homes for the homeless. This one only cost about $11,000 to build.
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The Model

This is a rendition of the model used to create the home. As you can see, it has a couple of rooms for homeowners to spread out in.
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This home is sure to the be inspiration for other 3-D printed homes. A brand new era has officially begun.
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