Honest Photos of Russia That You Won’t See on any Postcard

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Alexander Petrosyan, a Russian photographer, has dedicated his time to capturing the many layers of society in St. Petersburg, Russia. His photos are amazingly beautiful and heart wrenching. Unlike your average postcard, the photos are unfiltered, giving you a real glimpse of what life is like in Russia.
A native of St. Petersburg, Petrosyan says he knows every inch of the city. He wants to capture its real-life illustrious history. He says he never leaves home without his camera and an extra battery.
Here, he shares some of his most moving photos, things you’ll never see if you’re simply a tourist in St. Petersburg.
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On Duty Police

Like any other city, St. Petersburg has its own police force. Here they are doing their jobs, even when it’s not easy.
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Snowy Blustery Day

The weather in St. Petersburg isn’t always warm and sunny. Life must go on, even when the snow is falling.
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Christmas in Russia

St. Nick makes a yearly stop in St. Petersburg, but you won’t see his visit on a postcard.
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Sleeping on the Job

Everyone takes a break from time to time and here is a glimpse of what everyday life in St. Petersburg is like.
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Cat Lady

As a tourist in St. Petersburg, you’ll never see what real life there is like. This photo gives you small taste.
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Girls on the Street

It might be Halloween or these girls might be streetwalkers. Part of the allure of the photo is that you’ll never know.
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Sharing with the Needy

Here’s a beautiful rendition of how people have really good hearts, no matter where they happen to live.
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Apocalyptic Feel

This photo sort of gives off the impression that something bad is about to happen, or just has.
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Getting the Job Done

Russia has often had a large population of people struggling with money. Here are some hard working women earning their paycheck in St. Petersburg.
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City of Red

Red has long been a color associated with Russia and here’s a perfect rendition of the feel the color evokes.
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Wedding Day

The perspective of this photo is unique and the image in the background shows off real life in St. Petersburg.
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Poverty in the Streets

You won’t see this on a postcard, but there are many parts of St. Petersburg where poverty is rife.
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Nights in Russia

This is proof that life in St. Petersburg is basically just like life anywhere else.
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Having Some Fun

Not all of life in St. Petersburg is a walk in the park, but the residents are remarkably able to have some fun anyway.
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In the Skies

This photo does a wonderful job of showcasing the architecture of St. Petersburg, mixed with the real people who call the city their home.
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