Hulk EAT! A Fun Look At Lou Ferrigno’s Six Meals

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Throughout his great career, Lou Ferrigno has been willing to change his diet to meet specific fitness goals. So – Lou doesn’t always eat six meals! But when he does, here’s a typical breakdown.
The good news is that this isn’t some kind of Weirdo Diet a normal person can’t afford and wouldn’t want to eat. Would Lou do that to you? This is real, wholesome, delicious food and a whole of of it!
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Starting With A Blast

Lou’s first meal consists of four or five egg-whites, whole-grain toast, side of fruit.
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First Meal

Those eggs start Lou off with a good blast of protein. Four or five? That’s a commitment.
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A Couple Or Three Hours Later…

Lou’s second meal consists of two slices of meat, three oz. of raw nuts and a side of toast (always whole-grain).
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Second Meal

There’s no dispute that the body digests animal protein better than any other sort. Here, the nuts are crushed fine and spread atop the steaks before grilling.
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Are You Keeping Up?

About when most people are eating their second meal. Lou is eating his third. A tuna salad, a yogurt with fruit.
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Third Meal

Here’s that tuna salad. Want some? Well, tough.
It’s Lou’s. Get your own tuna salad! But wait, there’s more…
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How About More Protein?

When a lot of other folks are grabbing a Snicker’s to sugar-boost them through the late afternoon, Lou has meal number four. Just a protein shake with fruit.
It’s almost just a snack!
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Fourth Meal

Bet Lou gets to five o’clock better than you did with that Snicker’s bar.
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Now We’re Talking

Lou’s fifth meal is the All-American, Make-Room-For-Daddy classic: Steak and a baked potato with a vegetable family on the side.
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Fifth Meal

Don’t be a jerk. Eat your broccoli.
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Hanging With Stan Lee

Meal number six consists of a protein shake – low carbohydrates – or alternately, three oz. of cheese and sunflower seeds.
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Sixth Meal

Oh, and…
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Be Courteous

Lou’s last tip. Don’t Hulk Out if you’re out among friends and they serve you, say, a cupcake. Be a good guest, and Enjoy!
Just imagine there’s protein in that cupcake!
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