Ingenious Solutions To Everyday Problems That You Had NO Idea Even Existed

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There are certain problems in this world that need geniuses to come up with solutions. For example, how do you keep smokers from throwing their cigarette butts on the ground? Or how do you prevent your skateboard from being stolen? Or what if the public bench you want to sit on is wet from rain?
The genuises behind these solutions are amazing. They took simple problems and created simple solutions. In fact, as you see them, two things will happen: 1) You will ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that?”… and 2) You will say to yourself “how genius!”
Pictured above is a gas station in Seoul, South Korea where the gas pumps hang from the roof? Why? Because it eliminates the importance of which side your gas tank is on. How genius!
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A Vote for Smoking

This is a cool voting machine that doubles as a disposal of cigarette butts. How genius!
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Tony Hawk Would Be Proud

For those who skateboard, this rack allows you to lock them up like bike racks.
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Double Fountain

This drinking fountain serves two purposes: one for humans and the other for dogs. How genius!
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Motorcycle Safety

The biker jacket includes built-in turning signals and brake light. How genius!
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Homework Helper

A clever teacher puts barcodes on math homework that, when scanned, takes the student to an instructional YouTube video. How genius!
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The Rotating Bench

This bench actual rotates (via a handle on the side) to keep the seat dry after rain. How genius!
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The Ultimate Dressing Room

Ever wonder how warm winter clothing will keep you before you buy it? This simulator lets you test out winter clothing in freezing conditions. How genius!
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Tie Cleaner

Not only is this a necktie, it’s also a microfiber cleaner for phone screens. How genius!
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The Tooth Fairy

This dentist has a “Where’s Waldo” drawing on the ceiling to distract patients during procedures. How genius!
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