That Kendall: Making Sexy Look Easy

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How does Kendall make sexy look easy? What’s her secret? Sometimes she seems like she’s just playing at sexy.
You know, like a kitty with a ball of yarn. She gives the impression she thinks all this fuss about sexy is just a little silly. And what does that impression do?
It just makes her more sexy.
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Against Type

The makeip and the leopard stole say All Grown Up. Then she does the lip thing. Awwww…
We’re helpless before her!
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Remember Kendall’s Easter Special?

You will now!
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Her Shape Is Her Signature

‘How many can say that? Can anyone else? You cam’t really see her face…
…But – boom! – it’s Kendall.
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‘Wanna See?’

She’s just playing with us…
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Elegant Beyond Her Years

So far, a public life pretty much free of bumps and bruises…
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The Long And Lean Difference

It lets her get away with doing this in a one-piece.
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We’d never tell a lie to you, Kendall! Well maybe…
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‘Night, Night’

In black and white!
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Kendall in ‘Sexy by accident’ mode.
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Just A Touch…

Nothing accidental here!
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Say Hi To The Sunshine

It’s easy, when everything’s so bright.
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It’s That Bunny Again

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Always on the Go

Do you think she would mind if we hitched a ride?
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How about just a little lotta leg?
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