These Life Hacks Might Be 100 Years Old, But They Still Work Today

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The 1900s were a long time ago and you might think that those times are completely obsolete in today’s world. While that may be partly true, there is still a lot to learn from folks back then. The New York Library has released a project with tips from 100 years ago.
The project involved collecting “how to do it” cards from cigarettes boxes in the early 1900s. Each card has a piece of life advice on it. You’ll find that this advice still rings true today.
These hacks are sure to come in handy for you at some point in your life.
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Removing a Splinter

No tweezers? Turns out that’s not the only way to remove a stubborn splinter.
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Judge the Weather

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to figure out what the weather might be.
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Clean Lace

Quit paying the dry cleaners and clean your own lace – it’s pretty easy!
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Light a Cigarette with Ice

If nothing else, this makes for a pretty cool party trick.
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Protect Your Valuables

Fill your valuable vases with sand to keep them from getting knocked over so easily.
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Remove a Ring

If you’ve ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger, you know how frustrating it can be. This trick should help in no time.
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See the Wind

If you’ve ever had a burning desire to see the wind, this handy trick will help.
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Cool Your Wine

Putting your wine into ice isn’t the only way to chill it. Try this flannel and cold water trick.
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Keep Your Glasses from Steaming

When you come inside on a cold day, your glasses might fog up. This hack will keep that from happening ever again.
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Light a Match in the Wind

Here’s a trick you’ll be glad to know next time you go camping.
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Carry a Heavy Jug

Moving your thumb can make carrying a heavy pitcher much easier.
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Fountain for Chicks

If you raise baby chickens, they will love this fountain for drinking and playing.
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Draw a Duck

Next time your child asks you to draw them a duck, you can do it with just one line.
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Treat a Sprain

Being able to take care of a sprain is a life hack everyone should know, no matter your age.
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Separate Glasses

This handy life hack will keep you from having to throw away glasses that are stuck together.
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How to Revive Cut Flowers

Make that bouquet of flowers last just a little bit longer with this easy hack.
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Pull Out a Long Nail

When a stubborn nail is threatening to make you angry, this trick will save you.
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