Do You Love Will Smith? Well, He Loves You Right Back!

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Will Smith has had a very varied career. How varied has it been? Will is well known as an actor, comedian, producer, rapper, and songwriter. He also genuinely loves his fans!
Since we first heard him as the Fresh Prince along with DJ Jazzy Jeff, and through the years on TV in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we’ve thought of him as “family”.
His movie career has shown us just how great an actor he really is. Join us as we take a fun scroll through some of the photos he has taken with his excited followers!
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Absolutely Mobbed!

Even in NYC, Will attracts a crowd.
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Mr. Smith Goes To Town.

You can truly see how real this man is.
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True Love In Play!

Meeting with fans at an event for “After Earth”.
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They Can’t Get Enough!

“Seven Pounds” Screening In Charlotte, North Carolina.
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A Super Superhero!

Even after a bruising day at work, he’s got a smile for the devoted.
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Say Cheese!

Will Smith surprises fans at a screening of his film “Focus” in Miami!
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We Are Ready For Our Very Closeup!

Some people had two phones to take pictures with!
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Stars Can Be Fans Too!

Will and Margot agree, it’s a great day for the high-flyers!
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How Great Is This!

If that’s your phone Will, can you shoot a pic our way?
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This Might Be Our Favorite Shot!

This feels like home, with fans, friends, and family!
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