When A Man Gets Professional Photos With His Cat, They Look Like Engagement Photos

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When a couple gets engaged, they often have photos taken to commemorate the day. Likewise, the popularity of having professional photos with a pet is on the rise. When one man took his cat Charlie for a photo shoot, he didn’t expect the results.
The cat is a Russian blue mix and his owner decided to get photos of the two of them as a gift for his mother on Mother’s Day. Charlie, being a very photogenic cat, took to the photo shoot very well. When the photos came back, Charlie’s owner says they looked like engagement photos.
Despite that, he feels that Charlie is deserving of his image on a canvas. Do you agree?
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Gift Idea

When this man wanted to give his mother a professional photo for Mother’s Day, he had the idea to have his cat in the picture as well.
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Photogenic Cat

The cat, named Charlie, took to things quite well and even posed for each of the images.
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Close Up Shots

Charlie even clung tightly to his owner for the close ups.
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Engagement Photos

“(The pictures) ended up looking more like engagement photos,” the guy jokingly said.
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Born a Model

Charlie appears to be born for photo shoots and turns these pictures into something totally unexpected.
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Loving the Attention

Charlie loved the photo shoot, which you can clearly see when you look at the finished portraits.
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Worth a Frame

The pictures might not be what was expected, but each of them is sure to make Mom happy!
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