This Man Is The Ultimate Dog Lover And He Won’t Stop Rescuing Them — You Won’t Believe How He Lives

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Lee Asher lives in Los Angeles and he is the epitome of an animal lover. At the moment, he has nine rescue animals living in his home. In total, Asher has rescued 16 animals.
He also runs a finance company and has a family. When Asher was younger, he spent his free time volunteering in animal shelters and vet offices. Over time, he grew into the animal rescuer that he is now. He says he loves dogs and he loves saving their lives.
Asher says he’s grateful for his seven dogs and two cats and enjoys all the love in his home.
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TV Time

When Asher watches television, he has plenty of company with his herd of dog friends.
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Bath Time

Even bath time isn’t a solo affair when you have 9 rescued animals living with you.
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Time to Relax

When it gets quiet and the cats and dogs lie down to rest, Asher can take a break too.
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Going for a Ride in the Car

Anytime Asher has to go out, his dog friends pile in for a ride in the car with him. Hopefully they are headed to the dog park.
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Loving Life

It’s hard to say who is loving life more here – Asher or his rescue pets.
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Time for Some Fun

When you have 7 dogs, going to the river and playing gets a whole lot more fun!
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A Crowd in the Bed

Asher can’t even go to bed without having a pile of animals on top of him.
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Having a Party

When one of the dogs has a birthday, Asher goes all out with a party and cake.
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Loves His Animals

Asher says that he loves having his rescue animals and that his home is full of love and fur.
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