This Man’s Amazing Transformation From Homeless Bum to Cool Hipster Brought Him to Tears… And The Same Will Happen To You

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Living on the streets means not always having access to a shower and basic hygiene. Jose Antonio, a homeless man in Spain, knows this all too well. He has lived on the streets for more than 25 years.
Salva Garcia, owner of La Salvajeria hair salon, invited Antonio for a makeover one day to help him clean up. When the mirror was handed to Antonio and he saw his new look, he was brought to tears. He said, “My God, is that me?”
Jose Antonio is now receiving financial aid and is no longer homeless. He says his trip to the salon changed his whole life.
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Homeless for 25 Years

According to Antonio, he has spent the last 25 years living on the streets of Spain.
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Invitation to the Salon

Antonio earned a few bucks parking cars, but one day was invited into a local salon for a haircut.
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Getting Cleaned Up

Once Antonio’s hair was cut, salon workers also dyed it a rich dark brown color, making him look younger.
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Salon workers also helped clean up Antonio’s facial hair before revealing the big changes to him.
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No Mirror

In fact, Antonio asked that the mirrors be covered while he was a work in progress. He wanted the results to be a surprise.
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The Big Reveal

When Antonio saw himself, he broke down in tears at the way he looked.
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New Clothes

In addition to his new look, he was given a new white shirt and clean red pants, giving him a stylish hipster look.
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New Recognition

Locals began to recognize who he was and shouted compliments to him from the streets.
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No More Being Homeless

Now, Antonio is getting aid and has found himself a home to live in.
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Whole New Life

Antonio told reporters, “It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life.”
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