This New Mario-Themed Bar Is a Geek’s Dream Come True

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A brand new Mario Brothers themed bar has just opened in Washington D.C. and for many, it’s a dream come true. The place is called the Cherry Blossom Pub and is owned by The Drink Company.
Derek Brown of The Drink Company says the bar brings together two of his favorite things – classic drinks and nostalgic Mario paraphernalia. Once you see the pictures, you’ll want to visit for yourself.
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Fancy Decor

This Mario themed bar has fantastic decorations, including mushrooms that come down out of the pipes on the ceiling.
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Dressed Up Bartenders

Even the bartenders get in on the action, dressed as either Mario or Luigi.
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Question Blocks

The Cherry Blossom Bar has a bunch of question bit blocks posing as light fixtures over the bar.
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Setting the Scene

The Mario themed decor extends from the floor to the ceiling and includes iconic images such as the nostalgic green tubes you see in the video game.
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Classic Cocktails

Classic cocktails get new names, like the “It’s A-Me, Mario,” but don’t lose any of their original appeal.
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Geeks Unite

This pop up bar is attracting quite a following among people who call themselves video game geeks.
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Cherry Blossoms

Being in Washington D.C., the bar also features the iconic cherry blossoms that make the town so great.
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