Meet Picaso, a Dog With a Twisted Jaw, Who Got a Happy Ending After Finally Being Saved

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Most dogs are super cute and anyone would love to take them home. Sometimes, whether due to defects or an accident, dogs don’t look like you expect them to. Meet Picasso.
He has a twisted jaw and was left at a shelter, where he was going to be put to sleep, along with his brother Pablo. Luckily, along came someone who wanted a dog with special needs.
Picasso soon went to his forver home. He might look strange, but he’s lovable and caring.
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Birth Story

Picasso, along with his brother Pablo, was born to a backyard breeder. Because Picasso looked so different, he was never adopted. He was then left at a shelter, where he was reunited with his brother, who the adopters decided they didn’t want after all.
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Loving Eyes

Picasso’s owner says that he might look fierce, but he’s not. In fact, this dog is gentle and loving.
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Picasso will soon have surgery to remove some teeth that are pressing into his jaw. It won’t totally change how he looks, but will make him more comfortable.
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Special Needs

Due to Picasso’s facial deformity, he does have some special needs. That doens’t slow him down from playing with Pablo and having a hearty appetite.
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Looking Stylish

Now that Picasso is at home, he get spoiled. That includes getting his very own dapper wardrobe. It also means getting his plenty of photos taken.
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Love at First Sight

Despite his differences, Picasso’s owner says it was love at first sight. When he set eyes on Picasso in the shelter, he knew they were meant to be together.
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Brotherly Love

Pablo sees past Picasso’s face and the two are the best of friends. Fortunately for Picasso, when his owner found out that Pablo was his brother, he decided to adopt them both. Lucky dogs!
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Perfect Pet

No matter what he looks like, Picasso is the perfect pet. He’s fun and energetic and loves his owner unconditionally. What more could anyone ask for?
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