This Police Dog Got Fired For Being Too Nice, But Now Has The Best Job Ever

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Gavel is a German shepherd who was too friendly to be a police dog. Instead of focusing on catching the bad guys, all Gavel wanted was to get a tummy rub. Needless to say, he lost his gig as a police dog.
But, since he’s so cute, Gavel has a new job – he’s the official Vice-Regal dog in Brisbane, Australia. Gavel now lives with Gov. Paul de Jersey and his duties include welcoming people to ceremonies and being cute. He’s even dressed in funny outfits from time to time.
You’re sure to agree that Gavel has definitely found his calling.
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Meet Gavel

This is Gavel, a super friendly German shepherd, who lost his job working for the police in Brisbane, Australia.
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Belly Rubs

Instead of searching for explosives and running after thieves, all Gavel wanted was a belly rub.
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New Job

Luckily for Gavel, he was immediately offered a new position after losing his job as a police dog.
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Official Governor Dog

Gavel’s new position is the official dog of Governor Paul de Jersey.
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Welcome Dog

Now Gavel spends his days welcoming visitors and making people smile.
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Official Ceremonies

Gavel also attends ceremonies, dressed in official outfits that make him look handsome.
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Having Fun

Gavel still enjoys being a silly puppy from time to time as well.
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Perfect Fit

Everyone agrees that Gavel has found the perfect job and all’s well that ends well.
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