See Rachael Farrokh’s Battle Against Anorexia Waged For The Whole World to Watch

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Rachael Farrokh has been battling an eating disorder for more than 10 years and was at one time down to 44 pounds. That was when she decided she needed help. So, she took to the web and, together with her husband Ron, began a long painful battle against anorexia that is still being waged.
At first, Rachael turned to her own family and husband to confront the reality she faced in the mirror every day. But, that was not enough. By allowing her weight to drop so drastically she was in danger of massive organ failure and only round the clock care would help.
So, firmly resolved to win the fight her own body was waging against her, Rachael Farrokh finally gave in to the dire warnings of those who loved her most and began to receive treatment. But, would it be too late?
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Rachael Farrokh Before Anorexia Struck

As in every case, anorexia strikes seemingly healthy women (and increasingly, men) who have somehow come to believe their weight is out of control. This is usually not the case and, as is evident by this photo, Rachael Farrokh was a vibrant and perfectly normal looking, beautiful woman before her mind began nagging at her, convincing her she was getting too heavy.
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Despite the loving care she received from her devoted husband Ron Edmundton, Rachael was convinced that only by binging and purging her food could she battle against the voices in her head telling her she was gaining too much weight and had to slim down.
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Rachael Farrokh at 44 Pounds

Here is a photo of Rachael as she reached her lowest point, 44 pounds, resembling a living skeleton and, literally, a shadow of her former self.
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It was at this time, at the urging of family and friends, that Rachael finally admitted she had a problem and was ready to receive the help she needed. Only when anorexia patients reach this plateau and begin to realize that they either accept help or die can true treatment be started.
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A Painful Treatment Begins

So, with the help of her husband, who quit his job to devote himself to giving Rachael round the clock care, did Rachael begin to battle back against the terrible disease that was ravaging her once healthy mind and body.
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Turning a corner, Rachael realized that her husband and family’s help would not be enough. In order to truly win the battle against anorexia, she would need assistance from strangers willing to donate to her cause. So, she set up a GoFundMe account and, against her own will and despite the embarrassment it would bring, accepted the financial help she would need to see the battle through to a (hopefully) happy ending.
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The Road to Recovery

As is so often the case, the kindness of strangers provided the key to Rachael’s ongoing recovery. Having achieved the goal of raising $100,000 to pay for her medical care, hundreds of donors have raised that amount beyond an incredible $200,000 which is closer to what it actually costs to treat this illness for those who have little or inadequate insurance coverage.
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Rachael Farrokh Today

Slowly, Rachael Farrokh has begun to regain the weight she needs to fully recover. And, regaining her health is no assurance that she will will be cured for good. But, Rachael has taken the first step in the long road to recovery: The realization that she must help herself.
Rachael Farrokh’s story continues and she can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Search for her pages and follow along as she fights to regain her health, trying to restore normalcy to her own life, as well as those around her who love her most.

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