This Storyteller Spills Coffee On Purpose And Then Looks For Bicycle Stories Within The Drops

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Sounds pretty strange, doesn’t it? Allen Shaw, a Berlin illustrator and storyteller loves two things. Coffee and bicycles. So it’s no surprise that he’s found a way to combine the two.
Now he looks for new stories in spilled coffee. You’re going to love this.
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Good Idea

Shaw starts by spilling coffee on paper to form a blot or splat.
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Coffee, Ink and Watercolors

Next, he uses pen and watercolor to turn the stain into a bicycle story.
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Coffee Blots

The shape of the coffee blot determines what the story turns into.
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Such Fun

Shaw says that each of his illustrations is really fun to put together.
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Surprise Creations

He also says that sometimes he surprises himself with what he comes up with.
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Wheels of the Bike

Sometimes the coffee becomes the wheel of the bike.
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Riding the Bike

Sometimes it becomes the person or creature on the bike.
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Fabulous Illustrations

Still other times, the coffee spills become a separate part of the image.
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Coffee and Biking

What all of Shaw’s work has in common is the coffee and the bike theme.
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What He Loves Best

Because these are two things he loves best, Shaw loves incorporating them into his artwork.
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Try it Yourself

Shaw hopes that his illustrations inspire you to try out the idea for yourself.
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