This Super Clingy Pug Won’t Even Let His Owner Go To The Bathroom Alone

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Nigel the pug is happiest when he’s with his owner. In fact, when they are apart, the pug is sad and lonely. Owner, Martin Chotters, says that he can’t even go to the bathroom without the pup coming along.
The little dog curls up in his owner’s boxers while he’s using the toilet and doesn’t even care that he’s in the bathroom. If he closes the door, Nigel’s owner says that the pug scratches at the door and won’t leave him alone.
He may not have liked it at first, but now Nigel’s human says it’s endearing that the pug wants to be together all the time. He might be clingy, but Nigel is very well loved.
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Meet Nigel

Nigel is an adorable, but very clingy pug who likes to follow his owner everywhere.
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Forever Home

When Martin Chotters brought Nigel home to live with him and his fiancee, they had no idea what they were in for.
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Lost Privacy

Chotters and his fiancee had no idea that Nigel would want to go into the bathroom with Martin and get inside his boxer shorts while he does his business.
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No Alone Time

“It’s so weird having lost all of my privacy – I can’t get a moment of peace,” says Chotters.
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Someone to Talk To

Chotters also says it’s kind of nice to have someone to talk to while he uses the bathroom.
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Really Happy

No matter how his owners feel, the bathroom ritual makes Nigel extremely happy.
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In Love

Despite his quirk, his owners say, “from the moment we got him, we just completely fell in love.”
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They’d Miss It

“He might be clingy but I reckon now if he didn’t follow us everywhere, we’d be like, ‘Nigel, where are you?’ We’d definitely miss it,” say Chotters and his fiancee.
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