These Survivors Recreated Their Cancer Photos with Stunning Results

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Three years ago, these girls were fighting cancer. Now they have gotten back together to celebrate their health and their return to normal. The photos are taken by Lora Scantling as a tribute to her father, who was dying of lung cancer at the time.
The gold ribbon represents the awareness of childhood cancer. These girls are amazing!
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In this photo, the girls are dressed similarly to the original and are each looking happy and healthy.
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To Evoke Emotion

Scantling says she wanted to do something “that spoke a thousand words that would draw emotion.”
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Post on Facebook

Scantling put a post on Facebook looking for little girls with cancer and she got three wonderful ladies for her project.
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Very Young

When the original photo was taken, Rylie was 3, Rheann was 6 and Ainsley was 4.
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Healthy Again

As her hair grows back, this little girl looks happy and healthy.
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Cancer Free

All three girls are now cancer free and ready to take on the world.
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Like a Dragon

Rheann is quoted as saying, “cancer is like a dragon.”
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The Prince

Ainsley adds that “chemo is the prince.”
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Wrong Princesses

Rylie says, “cancer messed with the wrong princesses.”
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