It Took 4 Years And More Than 10,000 Starburst Wrappers To Make This Dress

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Most people unwrap a Starburst candy and throw the wrapper in the trash. Not Emily Seilhamer. She’s been saving her wrappers for the last 4 years and turned them into a dress.
Emily sorted, ironed and folded the wrappers to make chains. She then sewed them together to create something she can wear. Emily displayed the dress at her wedding a few years ago.
So, without further ado, here is the dress made completely out of Starburst wrappers.
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How it All Started

Emily met her husband when he offered her a Starburst, his favorite candy. Then he began collecting the wrappers for her.
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Ironing the Wrappers

Before using the wrappers, Emily ironed each one flat.
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Folding the Wrappers

Next, Emily folded the wrappers to form chains of various colors.
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Sewing Begins

Using elastic thread, Emily was able to “sew” the wrapper chains together to form the dress.
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Closing it Up

How to close the dress was a problem, but Emily found that using underwear elastic, dyed to match, allowed her to add a zipper to the dress.
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Shoes to Match

Once the dress was complete, Emily used some of the remaining wrappers to fashion a pair of shoes to match.
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At Her Wedding

Emily displayed the finished dress at her wedding, complete with a Starburst wrapper corsage.
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From the Back

This is what Emily’s dress looks like from the back.
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Finished Product

What do you think of the finished dress? Would you wear it?
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