This U-Shaped Skyscraper Is Beyond Anything You Could EVER Imagine

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A U-shaped skyscraper? Is that even possible? Apparently so. Plans for this skyscraper were recently unveiled and are getting tons of attention. The building will be constructed in New York City, forever changing the skyline. Oiio Studio is the brains behind the operation, one that will blow you away.
The hope is that this becomes one of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan (and in the world for that matter). They will need to get around the laws of the city, but once they do, this will be the longest building the world upon completion.
The elevator inside will travel in loops, which is an entirely new experience for anyone. Keep your eyes on 57th Avenue to see the drama of this skyscraper unfold.
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Space Saver

The design of the building is meant to save space by keeping the skyscraper from exceeding height limitations.
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Long Not Tall

By building the skyscraper long instead of tall, space inside can be maximized.
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Longest in the World

Upon completion, the building will have the distinction of being the longest in the world.
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Zoning Laws

Despite having two sides, the building is one continuous structure, without breaking any zoning restrictions.
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Unique Elevator

Because of the unconventional shape of the building, the elevator will have to follow a looping and curving path.
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The Big Bend

The building project is called “The Big Bend,” but completion dates have yet to be decided upon.
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