Vintage Celebrity Selfies Taken Before Smartphones

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Once smartphones hit the world, selfies soon followed. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t taken a selfie these days. So, what did people do before they got a smartphone?
There were other ways to take photos back then. Robert Cornelius is credited with taking the very first self-portrait, using a camera. When it comes down to it, selfies really aren’t all that new.
Here are some selfies taken by celebs before any of them ever had a smartphone. Proof positive that “selfie,” might be a new term, but the act of photographing oneself certainly isn’t.
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Robert Cornelius, 1839

This is thought to be the first self-portrait anyone ever took, sparking a trend that continues today.
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President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, 1954

Here’s a rare selfie taken of two of America’s most influential political leaders.
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Geraldine Fitzgerald, 1940s

You can that she’s holding the shutter button in her hand, allowing her to snap a photo of herself.
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John Lennon, 1967

Lennon is just one of many clever celebs who used a mirror to snap a selfie.
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Stevie Nicks, 1970s

The bathroom was, and still is, one of the most popular places to take a picture of oneself.
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George Harrison, 1966

Harrison appears to be holding a selfie stick, something that wouldn’t be formally invented for decades.
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Richard Avedon and Sophia Loren, 1960s

A photo like this is a treasure that a professional photographer never could have captured.
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Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, 1992

This photo is an important one since Cobain didn’t live much longer after it was taken.
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Colin Powell, 1954

You’ve probably never seen Colin Powell quite like this before, have you?
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Frank Sinatra, 1930s

There aren’t a multitude of photos of Sinatra, so this one becomes even more valuable.
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Rowan Atkinson, 1987

A Polaroid camera was once the best way to take a selfie.
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Sammy Davis, Jr., 1950

Davis is, like many other celebs, using the mirror and his camera to get a picture of himself.
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Madonna, 1980s

It looks like Madonna was starting the “duck face” trend even back in the 1980s.
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Bill Nye the Science Guy, 1999

Even less than 20 years ago, a real camera was needed to take a selfie since smartphones hadn’t yet been invented.
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Michael Jackson, 1996

These photos of Jackson are unlike any you’ve ever seen and he took them himself.
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Linda, Paul and Mary McCartney, 1969

They even managed to get their dog in the background of this selfie.
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Ilse Bing, 1931

The angle on the mirror does a great job of letting Bing get a photo of herself.
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