Before and After “Weight Loss” Photos That are Totally Lying to You and the Secrets Revealed

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We’ve all seen them. Amazing transformations that show off a brand new body after months of hard work. Yes, some of them are for real.
However, in this digital age, it’s easy to make a photo look just the way you want it to. When you see bloggers and fitness experts posting before and after photos, you may be getting tricked. Sometimes, the photos are taken just minutes apart.
Here’s proof that angles, lighting and posture can make all the difference.
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Sitting Vs. Standing

Sitting down compresses your body, allowing skin to spread out and fold. Standing up can smooth it all out.
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Good Posture

Here’s proof that having good posture can transform the way your body looks. So stand up straight for a svelter silhouette.
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The Right Pose

This woman has loose skin due to pregnancy, but standing the right way can totally hide it.
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Standing Tall

Here’s another great example of how standing up and spreading out your body a little bit can pull it so you look thinner than you do sitting down.
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Morning vs. Night

After a day of eating and drinking, your belly is probably larger at night. Wake up in the morning and it’s probably deflated a little.
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Flex Those Muscles

This is obvious proof that flexing your muscles can make a big difference in how you look.
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Relaxed vs. Posed

Make no mistake. Those after photos are usually staged with just the right pose, lighting and posture.
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Straight Back

Mom always told you stand up straight. Here’s why it’s so important.
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The Right Clothes

Putting on the right clothes also plays a pretty powerful role in how you look in your after photos.
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Bloated or Not

Being bloated can give you the perfect fodder for a before photo. Of course the after is going to look better.
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Pose and Clothes

By doing her hair and putting on flattering underwear, she totally transformed her look and it only took a few seconds.
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Standing Up

Just a slight shift in the way she’s standing, combined with flexing her ab muscles, and there’s an easy transformation going on here.
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Different Stance

The subtle shift in how far apart her legs are makes a huge difference. It creates toned abs and a thigh gap.
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Move the Hips

By popping her hip out slightly, this girl helps her ab muscles pop, giving her an instantly leaner look.
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Best Foot Forward

Here’s another example of how much of a difference a change in stance can make. Moving one leg out in front of the other certainly helps.
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