This Winking Polar Bear is the Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

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No one can resist looking at a baby animal. After all, they’re just as cute as they can be. This tiny little polar bear cub was recently born at the Hellabrun Zoo in Munich, Germany.
Like many other baby animals, this polar bear loves to romp and play. She has so many cute things going for her, but wait until you see her wink. You’ll agree that there isn’t much that’s cuter than that.
The picture above shows the baby taking her first steps. At the same time, she’s also winking at everyone who is watching her.
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With Mama

She might love playing and exploring, but this polar bear cub also loves going back to her mama. You can see such love between the two in this picture.
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Playful Polar Bear

There’s no fear when it comes to playing for this polar bear. Zookeepers say she loves to explore and play with anything that comes her way.
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Checking Things Out

Moms always try to keep their babies safe. This tiny polar bear can always count on her mom to stay close by while she explores her new surroundings.
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Hide and Seek

What little kid doens’t like to play hide and seek. From humans to polar bears, children just love this game. This polar bear is no exception.
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Going for a Swim

Polar bears love to swim and do so all the time. This tiny cub is clearly ready to give it a try for herself. There’s nothing holding her back.
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Looking Around

At just a few weeks old, there’s still a lot for this cub to learn. She’s not wasting any time either. Zookeepers say she’s very curious about everything around her.
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Giving Kisses

Even baby animals love to kiss their moms. Here is the new little polar bear nibbling on his mother’s lips. So cute!
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