This Woman Wore Her Engagement Ring For A Year And Didn’t Even Know It

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When Terry decided to ask Anna to marry him, he didn’t need to rush out and buy a ring. That’s because Anna had been wearing it for a year without knowing. Terry concealed the ring in a necklace that Anna wore every day until the proposal.
When Terry asked her to marry him and she realized she already had the ring, she was shocked. Terry photographed the entire thing and it’s gone viral on social media.
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The Lovely Couple

Terry and Anna recently became engaged…in the most creative way possible.
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For their 1 year anniversary, Terry gave Anna this necklace.
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Hiding a Secret

What Anna didn’t know was that inside the necklace was her engagement ring.
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A Year Later

Anna wore the necklace without any knowledge of its secret for an entire year.
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Cracking it Open

When Terry decided to propose, he cracked open the necklace and presented the ring to Anna.
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Utter Shock

As you can probably expect, Anna was shocked at the secret hiding inside her necklace.
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Her Reaction

Anna is reported to have said, “it’s been in there the entire time? I could have lost it, you f*****g idiot!”
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The happy couple is now planning their wedding and enjoying the mystery of the necklace.
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